BINDEZ - Saves Bindery Info to Text File

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BINDEZ - Saves Bindery Info to Text File


This utility will export bindery data to an INI type text file or import bindery data from an INI type text file.

 Usage: BINDEZ <File> /W/R


/R = Read Bindery Information into a File /W = Write Bindery Information from a File

Example INI file for BindEZ

[NewUser] Type=User MaxConnections=65 PasswordInterval=50 FullName=My New User Group=EVERYONE Group=PEOPLE SecurityEquals=SUPERVISOR

[WordStar] Type=Group FullName=WordStar Users

[LaserJet] Type=Queue FullName=WordStar Users Operator=Joe User=Accounting

To create an object you specify it's name in brackets. All lines after the object affect that object.

The first line after the object name has to be a Type= line. This tells BindEZ what kind of object to create. Object types supported are:


The Type command actually creates the object in the bindery if it doesn't already exist.' If a User is created, it uses the default account balance restrictions.

Different objects have different keywords. Here is a list of the different keywords for different objects.

Keywords for USERS:

 FullName=String         ;Sets users full name
 Group=GroupName         ;Adds user to group
 SecurityEquals=User     ;Adds security equivelence
 GraceLogins=Value       ;Sets grace logins
 Password=String         ;Sets password
 PasswordRequired=Y/N    ;Sets password required status
 PasswordInterval=Value  ;Sets password change interval
 MinPasswordLength=Value ;Sets minimum password length
 MaxConnections=Value    ;Sets maximum user connections
 ConsoleOperator=Y/N     ;Sets console operatorstatus

Keywords for GROUPS:

 FullName=String         ;Sets users full name
 Member=User             ;Adds a group member
 ConsoleOperator=Y/N     ;Sets console operatorstatus

Keywords for QUEUES:

 FullName=String         ;Sets users full name
 Server=PrintServer      ;Adds a print server
 Operator=User,Group     ;Adds a queue operator
 User=User,Group         ;Adds a queue user
 Directory=String        ;Changes Queue Directory

BindEZ can also be used to delete users, groups and queues.

 DelUser Name
 DelGroup Name
 DelQueue Name

Uses for BindEZ:

BindEZ can be used for a number of things. If you have several servers and want to merge them into one, BindEZ is just what you want. You can also use BindEZ as a quick way to add a bunch of people to a new group or to mass update things like password expiration dates.

BindEZ can also be part of your backup script. You can read the bindery to a text file before you back up your server. That way you don't have to count on your tape beckup being smart enough to deal with the bindery.

You may be wondering if this works with Netware 4. Yep, Uh Huh, sure does. I'm still waiting for a usable interface into NDS. For more information abou this check out my Web Page.

To move Trustee rights, try my TrustEZ program.

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