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Click Thru Banner Ads are good for Vendors, Web Masters, and Web Surfers

By exploring the vendors below, you help pay the bills so that I can continue to eat and produce web pages. If you buy products from these advertisers, you help them continue to eat and pay me. If you like what you see here and want to help me continue to keep up my good work, please expolre the links below and check out the sponsors who help make this possible. This is my master list of ads. These ads are distributed randomly to my 40,000 web pages.


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Note to Advertisers:

The web sites I control include Computer Tyme,, Church of Reality, Son of Bush,and There web sites contain over 40,000 web pages on a wide variety of interesting subjects. Because of the wide variety of subjects, I get a Lot of Traffic. These sites together get about 4000 to 5000 unique URLs per day. So, if your considering approving me as a host for your ads, look around and explore my pages. If there is a page you want to be on, let me know.

This page is not the only page where your banner is displayed. In addition to here, I display banners at the bottom of my thousands of web pages that are inserted randomly. The banners are randomized a few times a week. This page is just a list of all the ads I carry.

I also try to place ads on related web pages. For example, if your company provides services for online stock trading then I'll likely add your banners to my Online Trading Pages. If you have a specific page you want to be on, let me know.

One thing I don't like is when an advertiser starts me off at a high rate and then two weeks later cuts it way down. On this web site I don't move you to a different catagory, I just delete you. The next time the ads are randomized you are removed from all my web pages. The same happens for accounts that are left unfunded for over a week.

Here's some tips to help make this profitable for both of us. I prefer sites that have banner ads because it helps get people interested in clicking on your link which is good for both of us. If you don't have a banner I recommend you get one. Your banner ad should be to the point to get your message accross. You don't need to sell you product in the banner ad. All you need to do is get them interested enough to go you your web page and sell them there. If you add a banner or improve your link code let me know and I'll update it here.

I prefer having the choice of several size banner ads. One should be a standard 468x60 banner. When creating your HTML code, please include HEIGHT and WIDTH tags so that browsers can load web pages faster.

In addition to this links page, I have written a program that randomly inserts these sponsors into my web pages. I plan to run the program often so that the sponsor of each web page changes randomly. Your ad could end up on any web page.

Code Modifications - Although it is standard for vendors to state "Do not modify this code without permission", I don't have time to get permission from everyone every time I want to make obvious improvements in the code. So, if you approve this site you do so with the understanding that I will make limited modifications for looks and performance, but will not modify the functionality in any way that changes our financial arrangement. If you have a banner, for example, I will add height and width tags.

Sometimes if you have a banner and a text ad I will create a table and combine them into a single ad. Sometimes I will visit your web site and grab promotional text for your product to include with your banner or text ad. The idea being that we are more likely to make a sale if your ad is more informative. You are welcome to copy my improvements to your ad.

You can look at the existing code on the banners here to see the mods I make. By approving me you consent to these kind of code modifications. You can always remove the approval if you aren't happy. Remember, I'm trying to make more money for both of us.

I am also available as a paid advertising consultant. For a reasonable fee I will review your affiliate program and make suggestions for improvement. Sometimes a fresh outside perspective will help make your ad program more productive.


Note to Webmasters:

I'm going to write articles on how to be successful selling banner ad space. But first I'm working on being successful so I can talk about it. As I do things right I'll write about it and share the secrets of my success.



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