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BlankScreenProgram : Procedure

This allows you to specify a custom procedure to have executed in place of the MarxMenu internal screen blanker. It also overrides the IdleProgram so if you are running something in your idle program that you want to continue to run when the screen goes blank, call your idle procedure from the screen blanker procedure.

If you exit your screen blanker and MarxMenu thinks the screen should still be blank it will call it again. You can set UnBlank to True in your screen blanking program to override this and unblank the screen.

When MarxMenu determines it's time to activate the screen blanker, it first blanks the screen then calls the BlankScreenProgram. When MarxMenu decides it's ready to unblank the screen it sets UnBlank to true. When your BlankScreenProgram procedure is finished, MarxMenu will restore your screen to it's original condition upon exit.

Commands like UseNovPassword, LockWord, and BlankTime will work with your screen blanker.

To set up a blank screen program:

BlankScreenProgram = Loc Procedure

BlankScreenProgram = Loc RunWorm

To switch back to normal screen blanking run:


For an example of a blank screen look at WORM.INC.

The BlankScreenProgram can be used to run an external program to blank the screen. So if you have some slick fractal program that you like MarxMenu will run it. Here's how you would set it up.

 BlankScreenProgram = Loc BlankProg

Procedure BlankProg Execute 'FRACTAL.EXE' UnBlank = True EndProc

See Also: IdleProgram UnBlank

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