Circus Circus Hotel Casino Sucks

They try to force you to pay extra for rooms.

This is my story about my experience with Circus Circus in Las Vegas and why I don't recommend them. These people are rather bizzare and it amazes me that they have the policies they do, and I don't know what they are up to but thank god and EFF for free speech on the internet.

My Story

I rented a room for the night of September 28th 2002. I forget the exact price but I made the reservations online. So I show up the to get my room and they tell me that there's a telephone in the room and that I must pay and extra $1.00 for having the phone there whether or not I make any calls. I told them I had a cell phone and did not need their phone and that it wasn't part of the fee I was quoted up front. I refused to initial by the X where I agree to pay the extra $1.00. They let me have the room where I spent the night, and never used the phone.

The room was very ordinary. About the quality of what you would expect in a Motel 6. About 15 years ago I stayed at Circus Circus and got a much better room. But this room was nothing special. Not a great place to stay at all. But - it was inside and off the street.

In the morning when I went to check out they asked if they could charge the $1.00 to my credit card. I sad no. It's not that I don't have an extra buck - but I didn't like the idea of it. I was quoted a price and though that they should stick to it. And I told them so. They got huffy about it and said that they can't make me pay the extra $1.00, that they were entering me into the computer and blacklisting me. This really pissed me off so I figure that if they are going to black list me over a $1.00 charge that they were trying to rip me off for - then two people can play that game. So I'm black listing them on the internet.

So why the big fuss over $1.00?

You may be thinking - so what this big deal over $1.00? Don't I have better things to do with my time? Sure - probably. but it's the principle of the thing. If they can decide to charge an extra $1.00 for a phone that I don't want then why not a buck for the sheets? Another buck for an extra pillow in the closet? Another buck for a chair in the room? And - this was a separate transaction on my credit card which I would have to sign for. And what would I be signing? All I want to do is sleep - not read contracts.

When you buy a room on the net and they quote you a price then that's the price. If I had made calls on the phone or eaten food in the refrigerator, or watched a porn movie, then thos are additional expenses that one expects to pay for. But the idea of paying for services that I don't need and they say are mandatory sets a bad precident. Is the hotel industry trying to establish that they don't have to stick with a quoted prepaid price? Do they want to change the deal and charge you more just because thay want to?

Now I'm in their computer in some sort of black list and for all I know, they may be sharing this with other Las Vegas hotels. And this is all over a buck.

The bottom line is ...

This policy really sucks. If they do this to everyone then they are stealing millions from their customers using strong arm tactics and blacklist threats to shake you down for an extra buck. So I ask you - is this the kind of place you want to stay in? There are a LOT of other accomodations in Las Vegas to stay at. Why stay at a place who does this?

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