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~ Terms and Conditions for use of my web site material ~

Don't rip off my material!

Unless otherwise stated in the material, all of my web pages are copyrighted material and I, Marc Perkel, reserve all rights. You may not copy any of this material for commercial purposes without my express written consent.

This work is my work and I use this material to make money through the advertising on these pages. Anyone who republishes my material is cutting into my income. This material is intended to be read and you have permission to read it and enjoy it. You can print out a copy or e-mail copies for yourself and a reasonable number of friends. What you can't do is repost this material on your web site, and especially can't post it with my advertising removed. If you swipe this material it will cost you.

Terms you agree to in taking this material

By republishing this material in any way without my permission, you, by the act of republishing have agreed to these following terms and conditions. That by republishing my material without permission you hereby enter into a legally binding contract with me and you hereby agree to:

  1. Definitions:
    1. I / Me / My - Marc Perkel

    2. Using the Material - means publishing or otherwise using without my permission any of my copyrighted material in a manner other than what I allow.

    3. Permission - Permission means that I have given you a written agreement or waiver or contract that is in writing on paper. Permission does not mean or include any agreement on your web site that I might have clicked on. By using the material, you agree that this agreement is superior to any other agreement other than a written waiver on paper.

      As a specific example. If you are a spider site and I click on your agreement waiving my copyrights and your system spiders my site and republishes my material, especially without my advertising, then you are doing so without my permission because my agreement is superior to your agreement.

  2. Jurisdiction - Jurisdiction of this agreement is in the state of residence and county of residence of Marc Perkel. This contract is to be interpreted under the laws of the state of jurisdiction.

  3. Compensation - In exchange for using the material you agree to pay me $2500 per logical web page plus 10 cents per page view of the copyrighted material or 50% of them income generated by your web site, whichever is greater.

  4. Legal and other Expenses - You agree by using the material to pay all the my legal expenses in enforcing this contract. Legal expenses include the cost of lawyers, lawyers' assistants, investigators and my time at $125/hour that I spend in preparation of legal action.

  5. Permissible Use - You are permitted to read the material herein. You can send copies to a reasonable number of friends by e-mail. You can print copies for yourself and a reasonable number of friends. Spidering and indexing programs have permission to index my site and display the content in the description tags, lines containing search words, or other small amount of material that describes the content of my web page(s). Spiders my only spider pages as specified in my ROBOTS.TXT file. Permission is granted to all to link to any of my web pages.


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