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I've created an interactive conference system to allow teenagers to discuss issues affecting them with outher teens. This forum is dedicated to teenagers on the web. Teens have always gotten a raw deal in society, and it's getting worse. A new generation of teens are coming into place. These kids have been using computers since they were born and are mutant geniuses. It's time to talk about reality as it really is, not the bullshit that society feeds us. It's time for some sanity, some truth, and to talk candidly.

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Teens and their Civil Rights

Teens have always got the shaft even when I was in high school. (I'm 41 now) But it's getting worse. I see things in the news that I find amazing. It blows my mind when I see schools expel good students because they are taking a non-perscription pain killer (Midol) for menstral cramps.

It is absolutely illegal for a school system to ban non-perscription drugs from schools and it is a violation of a students civil rights for them to do so. This is stupidity beyond belief.

I come from a different generation. Vietnan was still happening when I was last in school and we didn't take this kind of bullshit from the schools. In my time we students would have shut down the school over something like this. I find it incredable that this generation puts up with it.

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Responsibility is a subject not taught in schools so I want to talk about it here. What it really means is that people make decisions, and those decisions affect your future. You are the choices you make. If you screw your life up, it is you who are screwing it up. It doesn't matter who you blame, it doesn't matter who's fault it is. If you don't take charge of your life and you make mistakes, you suffer.

The world isn't fair. That's the way it is so get used to it. If you're going to make it you havto be smart. And you have to make decisions and act responsibly.

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Teens and Tobacco.

This is a discussion forum to go along with my Teen Smoking page. Jump right in and say what you think.

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The Truth about Drugs

You know what pisses me off is that society lies to itself about drugs. You hear them talking about "Pot and Cocaine" as if these two drugs are even in the same league.

Pot is almost harmless and should be legalized. Pot is safer than smoking cigarettes and much safer than drinking beer. This is a FACT and anyone who tells you differently is either ignorant or a liar. Pot should be legalized and sold under the same controls as beer.

Cocaine, on the other hand, is a dangerous addictive drug. Don't do Coke because it will fuck you up. What pisses me off is that they talk about Pot and Coke as if they were equal and kids go out and try Pot and see it's no big deal. Then they try Coke and get hooked.

I've started this folder to encourage people to talk about drugs from the point of view of reality. I believe that the best weapon in the "war on drugs" is the truth. If you are going to do drugs you should know what drugs do and the difference between how to use drugs and how to abuse drugs. Not all drugs are bad when used properly.

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