Marc Perkel

309 North Jefferson #220

Springfield, Mo. 65802


Discover Card

P.O. Box 29019

Phoenix, AZ. 85038-9019

Phone: 1-800-347-2683

September 2, 1999

Dear Discover,

I have contacted you several times about the above mentioned account. This is not my debt and I want to be removed immediately from this account. This account belongs to my ex-wife, Vicki Stringfellow, who I divorced in 1996. I never signed up for this account and I never agreed to be a joint party to this account. All our credit cards have always been separate and every other credit card company has had no trouble billing the appropriate person. Your people have acknowledged that they have no written record or any evidence that I ever agreed to this debt. Giving my ex-wife credit, with her credit history, is your mistake, not mine.

Since I last wrote you on February 25, 1999 you have deliberately, knowingly, and maliciously, continued to transmit negative information about my credit to credit reporting agencies. I have been denied credit based on this negative information, and I have been damaged as a result. You have no signature where I agreed in writing to become a Discover customer, nor do you have a recording of a telephone conversation where I agreed to be a Discover customer. The burden is on you to prove that I agreed to the debt. I again state that I did not.

I believe that you are fraudulently assigning this debt to me in a deliberate and malicious attempt to use illegal means to ruin my credit rating in order to pressure me into paying a debt that I don't owe. In fact, you have allowed my ex-wife to increase the debt based on the strength of my credit and over my objections since I first contacted you about this dispute. I believe that you did this knowingly and that you are deliberately and maliciously abusing the credit reporting system to smear my good name publicly and to cause me injury through denial of credit and other privileges who's approval depend on having a clean credit history.

If you have evidence that proves that I agreed to this debt then produce it now. If you do not then remove this credit record immediately.




Marc Perkel


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