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The Discover Credit Card Sucks!

How the Discover Credit Card People are trying to screw me

Thinking about getting a Discover Credit Card? Think you might like to have a Discover Card? There are a lot of credit cards out there and there's a big difference from company to company as to how they treat you. When considering issues involving consumer credit, revolving credit, online shopping, credit reporting, electronic commerce, banking, and credit card debt, you should choose carefully and wisely. How the company treats you is important, And the folks at discover card suck. I want to use the power of the web to tell my story.

Many years ago my ex-wife, Vicki Stringfellow, got a Discover Credit Card. Discover put my name on it without my knowledge. I knew she had the card, but I didn't know I was on it. Not only does this reflect on my credit rating, but they keep letting her charge more and more based on the strength of my credit. What they are doing is illegal, but they don't care because they can get away with it. Or can they?

What's great about the Web is that now people like me have a voice and can reach people like you to tell you my story about how these scumbags at Discover screwed me. Thanks to the internet, I'm no longer the "little guy". I encourage you, the reader, to let Discover know that in this new age the consumer rules. Discover can no longer step on people without paying a price.

And remember, never get married.

I win

In spite of Discover's efforts to stick me with my ex-wife's credit card debt, I managed to beat them. I got my credit reports from the "big three" credit reporting agencies and ordered my credit reports. After reviewing them I sent a letter disputing the Discover Card debt which was listed on all three reports. I specifically stated that Discover had no record with my signature agreeing that I was responsible for her debt and that unless Discover could produce some form of proof that I agreed to it, that the law required they remove the listing. It worked! Discover was removed from all three credit reports.

When repairing you credit, it is important to be assertive and make them obey the law. You often have to be persistant with your claim and they have an obligation to fix it when you are right. Companies like Discover try to skirt the law and assign debt to third parties whenever they can. In order to get Discover to stop this, people like me post it on the web so that readers like you can see what they do. By dragging these practices out into the light of day companies like Discover will realize that it's not profitable to try to screw people. Or if they don't realize it they will lose business to competitors and the market place will punish their misbehavior.

In this case Discover added my name to my ex-wife's card without my consent, and then increased her credit limit based on the strength of my credit, and then tried to use my credit as a way to extort money from me by attacking my credit record. During this complaint process they gave my ex-wife about $1500 aditional credit, in spite of her poor payment history, hoping to stick me with the bill. But in this case it backfired on them because I have cleared Discover from my credit history and I doubt that they'll ever see the $1500 "gift" they gave my ex-wife. Thus in their attempt to rip me off, it cost them a lot of money, not to mention what this web page is costing them. I hope that Discover posts a copy of this web page on their wall in their corporate policy department as an example of what happens to you when you try to be dishonest and irresponsible. And this page is also an example for consumers to show these lending institutions that we have power to bite back hard.

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