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The following installation instructions are for both MarxMenu single user version and MarxMenu network version. The network version is included in The Network Survival Kit.

The single user version of MarxMenu is installed by copying the disks into a subdirectory called MARX to keep the files better organized. However, this is not necessary. Copy all the disks that come with MarxMenu into a directory on your hard disk or network.

The Network Survival Kit is installed by copying the disk into a directory on your server. Typically you would make a directory called NSK under the PUBLIC directory. That way the NSK directory will inherit the rights of PUBLIC. It will unpack into about 3.5 megs of programs and documentation.

Once the files are copied into the proper directory, for example, PUBLIC\NSK on the network or C:\MARX on a single hard drive, type INSTALL. Be sure to have your serial number and access code ready. When this is done, you can run some of the sample menus by typing MARX <menu>.

Be sure to print out the DOC files on any programs you are interested in and print out the MARXREAD.ME file. MARXHELP is activated by typing MARXHELP at the command line.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you do not run the install from the floppy disk.

If you are running the Network Survival Kit on several file servers that are bridged together, and you have purchased several single server MarxMenus, be sure not to install the same serial number on more than one file server. MarxMenu is smart enough to detect this. If you have a multi-server version of MarxMenu, then you can install MarxMenu on several fileservers without getting a license violation error.

On a Novell network, MarxMenu stores it's serial number information in the Bindery as well as the MARXMENU.EXE file. Thus when you get a new version of MarxMenu it will serialize itself the first time you run it. This makes updates easier.

           -------- V E R Y * I M P O R T A N T --------

The MarxMenu subdirectory must be path accessible. That is, you must have a path statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file that includes the directory where the menu system resides. A typical path statement might look like this:


MarxMenu requires up to 100 bytes of free environment space. It won't run without it. The way you get more environment space is to add a SHELL command to your CONFIG.SYS file.


Where NNN is the number of bytes for the environment to reserve. Note that if you are running DOS 3.1 then NNN is the number of 16 byte blocks to allocate for the environment.

 For DOS 3.2 or later:


If MarxMenu gives you an environment space error, this is where you go to fix it. After changing the CONFIG.SYS file, you will have to reboot the computer to make it take effect.

Another situation that can cause an "Out of Environment Space" error is having more than one COMMAND.COM loaded. You can test for this by running RAMMAP or MAPMEM. These programs will show you what's in memory. If you need to load a second COMMAND.COM be sure to use the /E switch to expand the environment of the new COMMAND.COM.

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