NetWare MHS & MarxMenu

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MarxMenu has the ability to interface to NetWare MHS which allows MarxMenu to send and receive messages. You need to have a copy of NetWare MHS to use this feature which can be purchased from your friendly neighborhood NetWare dealer.

MHS stands for Message Handling System and the way it works is that you have a dedicated mail transport computer on the network. This computer is like a mailman and it goes around and looks for outgoing mail every little bit. If it finds mail it reads the address and delivers it.

Any application program, such as MarxMenu, need only leave a text file in a special outgoing directory and put an address header on the file. Here's an example of how this is done:

var Message

{MHS Header}

AppendArray(Message,'SMF-70') AppendArray(Message,'FROM:MARC @ CTYME') AppendArray(Message,'TO:VICKI @ CTYME') AppendArray(Message,'SUBJECT:The Princess Called!')

{Blank line separates header from message}


AppendArray(Message,'The Princess needs a ride home from dance') AppendArray(Message,'class and wants to get some money to go') AppendArray(Message,'skating. She wants to know if you can pick') AppendArray(Message,'them up at midnight and if 5 little girls') AppendArray(Message,'can stay over night.')

WriteTextFile(MhsSendDirectory + '\' + UniqueFileName,Message)

When MarxMenu creates a file in this format, MHS will pick up the file and deliver it. When it's delivered it will be like any other message and will appear in your favorite MHS Mail system. You can also use this feature to notify you when your fax server receives a fax.

To receive a message, see the example under MhsReadFile. All MHS commands start with Mhs. By using these MHS features, MarxMenu can be used as a network job server that is triggered by messages sent to it and reports it's results by sending messages.

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