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New Photographs for a New Millenium

Digital Photography are pictures that are taken to a computer disk rather than film. Digital photo have several advantages over regular film photographs and this is the wave of the future. Instead of using film, digital pictures are taken to a computer disk. The same kind of disk that you put in your floppy drive. These pictures can be viewed on your computer screen or printed on paper to any size.

One of the main advantages of digital photographs is that you can see the picture on a screen on the back of the camera as soon as you take the picture. With film, you don't know what you have until it's developed. Digital photographs don't need to be developed. What you see is what you get. And if you don't like the picture, you just erase it and take another one. The camera takes about 7 pictures per disk. but once you copy it onto your computer, you can erase the disk and use it over.

Once the picture is taken, I can print as many copies as you want and in any size. There are no negatives to deal with. I can print one copy or a hundred copies and every copy is an original. The pictures aren't quite as good as film, but they are so close that most people can't tell the difference. And as computer printers get better, new prints will get better as well.

Digital pictures last forever. They don't yellow or rot with time. If these files were kept for 1000 years the prints made then will be exactly the same as prints made today. Digital pictures don't deteriorate with age. Once you have the picture, you have it till the end of time.

Digital pictures can be sent electronically by email to your friends and relatives. If you want grandpa to see your new baby, I can send him the picture as an attachment to an email message and he will receive it in minutes. These pictures are standard JPEG files and can be viewed with Netscape or Internet Explorer. Grandpa can look at it on his computer screen. If grandpa has a color printer, he can print as many pictures as he wants any size he wants. No longer do you have to go to the expense of paying for extra prints and then paying to mail the pictues that arrive several days later, if the mail man doesn't bend them all up. These pictures arrive in perfect condition and stay that way forever. It's easy to send your pictures to as many friends and family members as you want. And, if you have email, it's free!

I can also take 15 second mini movies with moving pictures and audio. These mini movies are standard MPEG files that you can email to family members. Capture baby's first steps or first words and instantly mail them to your parents. It's great! Click Here and see Little Lexie try to talk. Click Here to see Lexie discover her feet.

Another advantage of digital photography is that the pictures can be digitally edited. I can use the computer to adjust for bad lighting, do color correction, or edit out undesirable features. Runny nose? The computer can make it disappear. Pimples, warts, wrinkles, scars, gone! No longer are you stuck with the picture you shot. I can make the picture better. With digital pictures, things can be fixed.

I'm not limited to just babies. I can take pictures of anything or anyone. Mom, Dad, the whole family. Pets Too! I can capture the house, flowers, garden, whatever you want. I do weddings, graduations, funerals, and parties. I can bring a computer with me to do instant printouts. Teenagers love instant editing and printouts.

Digital photos are private. You don't have to send your film off to a photolab and wonder who's looking at or copying your private photos. Digital photos don't need to be developed and there are no negatives.

Digital photos are fun too. You can take pictures just to see what they look like without worrying about wasting film. With digital pictures, you only keep and print the ones you want. You don't have to print the "whole roll" like you do with film just to see any of the pictures. That makes it a lot cheaper and a lot more fun.

The photography can be done anywhere. Indoors or Outdoors. In the city, the woods, parks, next to a lake, anywhere you want. You pick the clothes and you pick the shots. You can make your baby look any way you want. As you can see, I'm a good photographer. I have a lot of pictures online for those who want to see more of my work.

If your ready to say goodbye to developing film and waiting for prints then it's time to move up to digital photography. Why wait an hour when you can have it now? If you want more for less, give me a call.

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