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This is all I have so far. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these cameras. I currently own the MVC-FD91 model and I love it. But, love is relative, and now that I've seen these specs I'm ready to leave my 91 and run off with this new 95 model. First, the raw data from Sony. This looks like the coolest camera ever made and I want one!


LAS VEGAS, PMA Booth D81, Feb. 3, 2000 – Sony Electronics today announced three new Digital Mavica® cameras, including the MVC-FD95 -- a one 2.1 mega-pixel camera with 10x optical zoom and a through-the-lens viewfinder. Sony also introduced -- for the first time -- ,model MVC-FD95a Digital Mavica camera-ready Memory Stick® floppy disk adapter, making all new Digital Mavica cameras dual-media cameras with floppy disk and solid state storage options.

The new Digital Mavica line includes the MVC-FD85 and the MVC-FD90 as well as MVC-FD95 cameras. All three will be available in May for approximately $700, $800 and $1,000, respectively. In addition, the MVC-FD73 Digital Mavica camera (a 1999 model) will continues into the year 2000 and is available for about $500.

cover “The new line offers unparalleled resolution for a floppy disk camera, the highest zooms in the industry and the only 12 bit A/D conversion available,” noted Jay Sato, vice president of digital imaging marketing for Sony Electronics’ Consumer Products Marketing Group.

“Digital Mavica camera’s ease-of-use and flexibility is forwarded by the introduction of the new Memory Stick floppy disk adapter,” Sato added. Compatible with all new models, the option to use Memory Stick media with a Digital Mavica camera bridges the gap between floppy disk- based cameras and solid state. By having a true dual-media camera, users are given the freedom to choose between media, depending on their imaging needs.”

Digital Mavica Camera - Feature Packed

Each of the new Digital Mavica cameras (MVC-FD95, MVC-FD90, MVC-FD85) offers the following features:

High Resolution And Floppy Disk Ease-of-Use

The MVC-FD95 Digital Mavica camera raises the bar by combining floppy disk ease-of-use with a 2.1 mega-pixel Super HAD(TM) CCD imager, powerful 10x optical zoom, and through-the-lens viewfinder using color LCD.

cover By combining 2.1 mega-pixel resolution and 10x optical zoom, the MVC-FD95 is able to capture images from a greater distance without compromising the image. The powerful combination of high resolution and zoom – equivalent to 35mm camera 400mm lens – makes the Digital Mavica MVC-FD95 special not only the floppy disk-based market but to the entire digital camera industry.

In addition, Sony has added a through-the-lens viewfinder using color LCD, which is a rare find in the consumer digital camera marketplace. By using color LCD, Sato said that the through-the-lens viewfinder’s light is not compromised when it enters through the lens. The light itself is electronically directed to the viewfinder and always appears bright and crisp.

This high performance camera also has manual adjustment features, including shutter speed, aperture priority functions and a manual focus ring, as well as Super SteadyShot® optical image stabilization, which removes unwanted camera shake even in the telephoto position.

All new Digital Mavica models offer a 3:2 picture size ratio option, creates a digital image that is the same size ratio as a standard 4x6 film print. By choosing this option at the highest resolution, images do not need to be formatted to print or appear in traditional film dimensions. The high performance MVC-FD95 has the option of UXGA, SXGA, XGA or VGA resolution, with the 3:2 picture size ratio available at the UXGA resolution.

cover The new Digital Mavica cameras incorporate a built in Intelligent Flash feature. Intelligent Flash provides automatic optimum exposure control for better images in the dark or against natural backlight.

Both the MVC-FD95 and the MVC-FD90 also have an added external flash synch terminal. By attaching Sony’s new HVL-F1000 optional flash, images more than 30 feet away even in a poorly lit environment appear clean and crisp. Both Digital Mavica cameras communicate directly with the HVL-F1000 flash, telling it what features have been selected for each image. The HVL-F1000 will be available in April for about $120.

As with all of Sony’s cameras, the entire Digital Mavica line uses a rechargeable InfoLithiumÒ battery with an AccuPowerä meter. Sony’s InfoLithium batteries provide a life of approximately 800 shots or 1 ¼ hours, in still image standard mode. And with the Sony AccuPower meter, the battery life remaining is displayed by the minute on the 2" LCD monitor, making unexpectedly running out of battery power a thing of the past.

New Memory Stick Adapters for More Connectivity

The new line of Sony Digital Mavica cameras continues to offer the flexibility, affordability and convenience of floppy disk media. But with the introduction of the MSAC-FD2M Memory Stick floppy disk adapter, that convenience is enhanced further with the high-image-capacity, solid-state media option.

cover The optional Memory Stick floppy disk adapter, which makes all new Digital Mavica models dual-media capable, expands the potential memory of the media for Digital Mavica cameras up to 44 times (with the currently available 64MB Memory Stick card) and 176 times (with the 256MB Memory Stick card expected by 2001). This means that Digital Mavica camera users have the option of capturing approximately 42 minutes of MPEG movies (Video Mail mode) in one minute intervals, or almost 1,000 still images (640 x 480 resolution) with the floppy disk adapter and a 64MB Memory Stick media card.

The MSAC-FD2M will be available in March for about $80. Memory Stick media is available now in 8, 16, 32 and 64 MB capacities for $30, $50, $80 and $140, respectively.

Sony has also introduced a high speed Memory Stick USB (Universal Serial Bus) adapter (MSAC-US1) that allows users to transfer digitally stored data from Memory Stick media to a Mac or PC at a rate of 3MB per second -- 50 times faster than serial connectors. The MSAC-US1 USB adapter will be available in March and is expected to sell for about for $70.

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