Ozark Scenery
by Marc Perkel

Inexpensive Photographic Art to liven
your Home or Office


Pretty Pictures to Decorate your Wall

Do you like pretty scenery pictures? You've come to the right place. I'm selling these pictures mail order. This is a new project that I'm experimenting with so bear with me. I'm an amateur protographer and not much of an artist taking pictures and enhancing them with Photoshop.

Right now I don't have pricing and size information. Actually I'm looking for your feedback as to if you like these pictures and what they would be worth and how you'd like to buy them. I'm not an artist with an ego issue. I'm doing this for the money so I'm someone you can do business with.

One way I plan to sell these is 11x17 color laser printer prints. These are fairly inexpensive, maybe $15 in a roll. You frame it. I can also put them out as photo prints and inkjet banners which are a lot more expensive. I'm open to suggestions about how you want them.

Want to make a calendar? Need the original TIFF or JPEG files? It's all for sale. I've sold software I've developed on a royalty basis so I'm hip to how this works. So if you're interested, send me some email.

Also, I'd like some feedback about my work. I'm not proud, so if you have suggestions about how I can improve I'm all ears. I'd like to know about how to sell it, how to print it, new technology I need to buy, how you want to buy it, etc.



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