Purchasing Software

Sales Policy: We want your business so we ship promptly. Generally, any order received before 2:00 pm goes out the same day. If you have unusual needs, call us and we will try to find a way to sell you what you want the way you want to buy it.

Most of our utilities are sold per file server. That means that you buy it by the server rather than by the user. The number of servers are based on the number of servers used as the primary login servers. For example, if you have two servers and everyone logs into one server and attaches to a second server, you only need one license. But, if you have people logging into both servers and attaching to each other, then you need two licenses, even though the files may only reside on one server.

For those of you who have a lot of single users workstations or laptop computers that are not connected to a network, we have pricing for you too. We consider 25 computers to be the same as a network. So our server pricing is the same as a 25 users license.

Prices: The Network Survival Kit sells for $495/50 Users * $2500/500 Users * $10,000/5000 Users. Individual DOS utilities sell for $20/1 User * $95 /25 Users * $500/250 Users * $2500/2500 Users.

Individual network utilities are sold for $95 per server. 11-25 copies $80, 26-99 copies $65; 100+ copies $50. Obviously, if you like 5 or more of our utilities, it's cheaper to just get them all.

Single user prices for the Dos Toolbox is $25 which includes DM3. Single user MarxMenu is $95 and includes the Dos ToolBox. If you need unusual pricing, give us a call.

All prices are in US Dollars, so you folks in Canada need to figure it in our currency. (Unless some day in the future your dollars are worth more than ours.)

Ordering: Yes, we take company purchase orders. The easiest way to order it to fax us your purchase order. You can also send us your purchase order by EMail. We take Master Card and Visa, but We don't take American Express. We prefer credit card orders for foreign sales. Credit Cards makes changing the currency easier.

Delivery: We have several ways to deliver the product. We normally ship UPS Ground for $6 shipping. UPS Blue (second day) is $10 and UPS Red (next day) is $20. International is $20.

We can also ship by EMail. If you are buying one of our small utilities that doesn't have a manual, this is the easiest way, and cheapest. EMail shipping is FREE. And, you get it TODAY. And it's the cleanest, most ecological to ship, for those who are into ecology.

Foreign Resellers: If you want to find a reseller who is local, I am building a list of Foreign Resellers who you can contact. If you are a reseller and want to be on this list, let me know about your website.

Contacting Sales: To contact us you can call our sales lines at 65-873-3064 on weekdays from 9:00 to 5:00 Pacific time. Or you can send EMail to Marc and we will take your order. You can also fax us a purchase order at Use Email.


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