Computer Tyme Software
and Year 2000 Bugs

We're 2000 Ready!

As far as I know it looks like all my Computer Tyme Software is year 2000 ready. I have done a lot of testing and everything seems to work. Although I can't gaurentee that there is absolutely no bugs, there aren't any serious bugs. Anyone who finds one should let me know and I'll fix it quickly.

Computer Tyme Software is mostly a collection of utilities. Most of these utilities do not deal with dates at all and therefore year 2000 is not an issue. Y2K bugs are more prevelent in business software that has to do date math.

Of the Computer Tyme software that does do dates, NOVSYNC has been Y2K compliant since it was written. MarxMenu was also written Y2K compliant. The programs D and Directory Master correctly sort files listed in date order. D was fixed on 08-11-98 so that dates that listed as 08-11-2 now list as 08-11-02. Whereis and Pipedir also had this cosmetic bug.

So, for those of you who need the Y2K statement. Computer Tyme Software is just fine.

NovSync Y2K Warning

Although NovSync has always been Y2K compliant, Netware servers have not been. Novell Netware 4.10 for example, goes nuts the moment it hits the year 2000. The date jumps to 1988. When I reset the date it jumped forward to 2037. If you were running NovSync version 1 it would copy the wrong time and date to the workstation. This is clearly Novell's fault and I'm somewhat shocked that they would put a product on the market in the 1990's that crashes the date the instant it hits the millenuim.

Novell has fixed the problem and if you download the upgrade patches it seems to work. Anyone running Netware should not go into the year 2000 without getting the latest patches. However, having seen what Netware did I decided not to trust them so I modified NovSync in version 2 to watch for date crashes and prevent the problem from being spread to the workstations. NovSync will now ignore dates from Netware that are more than one year off from the bootup date. I offer a free upgrade of NovSync to anyone who is currently licensed. Just go to the shareware section and download it.

IniTool Y2K Warning

In 1994 Computer Tyme licensed a software program to Network Associates called IniTool which is the same program at that time as my IniTyme utility. I do not know what version they shipped and I can not guarentee that users of IniTool will not experiance a Y2K problem. However, I have no reason to believe at this time that they will. Users of IniTool can buy a license from me for IniTyme and then you will be Y2K compliant. Network Associates no longer licenses IniTool and can't upgrade you to a new version.

Legal Brief on Y2K

I have written a Legal Defense Brief on the Y2K Year 2000 bug issue. This is a brief to help programmers and software companies that might be sued over Y2K related issues.


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