Marc Perkel

309 North Jefferson #220

Springfield, Mo. 65802

Discover Card

P.O. Box 29019

Phoenix, AZ. 85038-9019

February 25, 1999

In Re: Account Number

Dear Discover,

I have contacted you several times about the above mentioned account. This is not my debt and I want to be removed immediately from this account. This account belongs to my ex-wife, Vicki Stringfellow, who I divorced in 1996. I never signed up for this account and I never agreed to be a joint party to this account. All our credit cards have always been separate and every other credit card company has had no trouble billing the appropriate person. Your people have acknowledged that they have no written record or any evidence that I ever agreed to this debt. Giving my ex-wife credit, with her credit history, is your mistake, not mine.

This is a serious matter. As you know, my ex-wife's credit is a black mark against me. I have made it clear that I am not a party to this debt. Since I contacted you, you have extended her more credit and her debt is now double what it was just four months ago. It looks to me like you've deliberately allowed her to run up debt and get me to pay for it by attacking my good name in the credit reporting system. If you consider me to be a party to this debt, then why did you not follow my instructions to cap this credit and allow her to continue to borrow at my expense?

If you want to give my ex-wife additional credit, that your business as long as I am not a party to it. But it's clear that you are loaning her money based on the strength of my credit rating. Based on my experience with credit institutions, there is no way that you would have extended my ex-wife credit based on her credit history alone. I find it offensive that you are trying to take advantage of me by extending credit to a third party and using my credit rating as a way to extort money from me. I made my position clear and I question your integrity and your business tactics. It is clear to me that you are knowingly and deliberately trying to extort money from me by using improper and illegal methods of doing business.

I therefore demand that you remove me immediately from this account and correct my credit history immediately. If you fail to do so I will take the necessary steps to punish your company for your poor ethics. Look for a review of Discover Cards on my web site at I believe I am providing a public service to warn consumers about how you do business.




Marc Perkel


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