LongSave - Saves Long File Names
to Ascii Text File

LongSave is used to save the list of long file names and short names to a comma delimited ascii text file. The short names can then be backed up or zipped or copied with utilities that are not long file name aware. After the files are transfered LongSave can then use the ascii file to restore the original long file names.

To use LONGSAVE you have to tell it a directory to save and the name of a file to save the names to. If you don't specify a file name then the file LONGSAVE.ASC is created in the specified directory. By default LONGSAVE reads the long names in the specified directory and all directories below it.

  Usage: LONGSAVE   /W

      ; saves the names to ascii file LONGSAVE.ASC in C:\WINDOWS

      ; restores filenames in current directory from LONGSAVE.ASC

      ; restores long names in F:\WINDOWS from file SAVE.ASC

As of now LONGSAVE must be run from a DOS session under Windows 95. It will not run outside of Windows, although a future version of Windows might fix this. It also will not run under the original release of NT4, but I would hope Microsoft will fix this soon. It will work on NT4 servers from a Windows 95 workstation. It also works on Netware servers that are configured to support long file names.

LongSave is sold separately or as part of the Computer Tyme Network Survival Kit. It it written in my MarxMenu script language and you get complete SOURCE CODE with the product.

MarxMenu is a powerful network menu system and job control language for DOS with over 1000 commands. It has a Pascal like syntax and puts serious programming power in the hands of non programmers. MarxMenu can be used for a lot of different things and is targeted at network supervisors who need tools to keep the network manageable.

For more information on LongSave select the Utilities option and scroll down to the Smite section of the online electronic manual. Or, click on Home to start at the home page.

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