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MarxMenu originally started off as a dos menu system that used 0k of ram. This is still useful for people who are using dos. MarxMenu has the ability to read the novell user group information and create conditional menus based on who you are. But MarxMenu has evolved into a general purpose job control and programming language.

Many of the utilities that we sell are actually written in MarxMenu. This includes BatZap, IniTyme, and WhoHas. As a programming language, the sysnax is the easiest to program in than any other language that exists. The code looks like Pascal/Basic rather the C++, Java, or Pearl and reads like English. MarxMenu gives non-programmers the power of programmers.

MarxMenu can be used to launch windows applications. We have developed a MarxMenu script called winstart.mnu that can be run from the windows startup group. The script resides on the network so that you can have a single startup script for all your users. WinStart allows you to start programs conditionally, map network drives, update local files from the network, display messages to groups of users, run programs once for installation of new software, and schedule tasks. If you're a network manager and want centralized control of your Windows 95 and 98 startup, you'll want to take a look at this script.

batzap.mnu is the source code to our BatZap utility. BatZap is used to mass update batch files and other text files on the network. This example file is a complex program showing off the power of the MarxMenu script language.

inityme.mnu is the source file to our popular IniTyme program. IniTyme source is also inclided in IniTyme is used to modify windows INI files on networks. This is also a complex but powerful example of MarxMenu.

whohas.mnu is the source file for our popular WhoHas program. WhoHas whows you who has a file open on a Novell network. This code is a simplier example of a MarxMenu utility than IniTyme or BatZap.


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