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I love my Sony Mavica

I bought this Sony Mavica MVC-FD91 in January of 1999 and I just love it. I've never had a camera that taken better pictures than this one. Here's an index of my pictures. I really recommend getting the wide angle lens attachment and the extra long life battery. I bought mine at and saved some money. With everything I paid just over $1000.

This is the first digital camera I bought with enough features to be a real camera, yet be affordable. The floppy drive lets you take all the pictures you want. The lens is a real lens and I've paid $600 for film cameras for only a lens that isn't as good as this one. I'm sure someday there will be a better deal on the market, but today, this camera is it.

NEW! Check out the new MVC-FD95 Camera.

My Indexing Software

One problem with the Mavica is keeping track of all my pictures. I was using Netscape to view the pictures on drive A:. The way you do that is go to the URL window and type 'A:\' and you will see the directory of the floppy disk. You can then click on the pictures and see them on the screen. The problem is that it loads them only one at a time. I wanted to see them all at once. And I wanted something to manage the pictures in multiple directories on my hard disk after I copy them off the floppy disk.

Since I'm a programmer, I decided to write a little DOS application that creates a series of web pages around my pictures that allow me to walk through my directories and keep track of my pictures. If you are looking at this over a modem, it's going to be slow. But this same program can create web pages on your local hard drive that load instantly.

What I did was create a photo directory and copy floppy disks onto the hard disk in dtories off this photo directory. My program then walks through the directory tree and creates a lot of HTML files or web pages on my local hard disk that lets me walk through my pictures with Netscape or Explorer and see what I have. I can also move these pictures around to different directories and rename them, and my program will reindex them and create a new directory. this allows me to store and manage my photo collection.

If I can find anyone in the Springfield area interested, I'm doing Baby Pictures.

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