Ralf Brown's Interrupt List
Indexed HTML Version - Release 61

A Gift to DOS Programmers

HTML version of the famous Ralf Brown Interrupt List with over 9000 linked pages and 350 indexes making the process of searching much easier. This list contains every documented and undocumented interrupt call known. Ralf Brown is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University 's Center for Machine Translation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is well-known in cyberspace for maintaining the Interrupt List. We all appreciate his continued support.

* Table of Contents - Access the Interrupt List by Table of Contents
* Categories - Access the Interrupt List by Command Category
* Interrupt - Access the Interrupt List by Interrupt Number
* Search - Search the Interrupt List

I have taken his famous interrupt list and I wrote a program in MarxMenu that translated it into about 8000 linked HTML pages. There are about 350 pages of software generated indexes. MarxMenu is a script language I developed to make jobs like this possible.

I invite all programmers to freely use this site and develop lots of good software. If I've helped you develop something kool I want a free copy of your kool program for my personal use. While you're here feel free to Download my utilities and try them out.

About the Author:

I'm Marc Perkel and I'm a geek. I'm the owner of a small software company called Computer Tyme. I write utilities for network supervisors such as MarxMenu and the Network Survival Kit. I'm also the Supreme Commander of the Nerd Liberation Movement. We're coming out of the Back Room! I'm in the process of getting fucked over by the Legal System but I'm hitting them back at the same time.

Long live Character Mode programming. The way God intended that software be written!

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