MCI Worldcom Sucks
Actual Recorded Conversations
with Customer Service

This is what doing business with MCI Worldcom is like

I could describe to you what doing business with MCI - Worldcom is like but there's nothing like hearing it in their own words. My business has been shut off twice by MCI Worldcom due to their stupid mistakes and unethical business practices. Below are links to real audio files of recording of actual MCI Worldcom customer service calls. I could explain it to you, but there's nothing like hearing it for yourself.

If you're wondering if this is legal, yes it is. I don't live in Maryland where it's not legal, so those of you who are familiar with Linda Tripp, the difference is that she did it on the wrong side of a line on the map. I am on a different map where it's legal. Even if it were not legal, I'd do it anyway because the consumers of MCI Worldcom products, WCOM investors, and MCI Worldcom management needs to hear this and it needs to be public so that MCI Worldcom can compensate me for shutting down my business and embarrassing me in front of my customers.

Listen for yourself and experience what doing business with MCI Worldcom is really like!

It started back in March when I asked to disconnect 4 out of my 5 phone lines. MCI Worldcom claimed it would take 45+ days to disconnect the lines, and they, of course wanted to bill me for the extra months. Even though I have been current on my bills, they cut off my phone service on August 1st 2000. I got it turned back on after they found out it was their mistake.

On August 16th 2000 they cut me off again while I was on a business trip to San Francisco. I get back and the phones are dead and when I called my office from home, all I got is a message saying that "the number you have dialed is disconnected and is no longer in service". For several days my customers must have thought I went out of business. Below are most of the actual conversations it took to get my service turned back on. I will warn you ahead of time that these calls are long. Some up to 20 minutes and file sizes of 2 megabytes. I have not edited out the time on hold so you can experience with me the full frustrations of dealing with MCI Worldcom Customer Service Department. If you are considering switching your business services to MCI Worldcom, you should take the time to listen to all of this and ask yourself, "is this how I want to spend my time?"

Now it's Illegal Billing

As a result of positing this in August of 2000, I got several calls from some of the higher ups at Worldcom. Also I wish I has recorded now. They were very apologetic and assured me that the September first switchover would go smoothly. And it did. They handed control over to Bell cleanly. I also made it clear that I wanted to be compensated for my time and trouble. They didn't agree to pay me anything but did assure me there would be no additional charges and that I was at least paid in full.

In October I moved to San Francisco. In December I started getting bills from Worldcom again. I also got a bill from Sprint for long distance charges. Sprint was not my long distance carrier and I had already paid my long distance charges with the company who does (and still does) carry my long distance. How Sprint, (who are also crooks, see my Sprint Sucks page), came into the picture is a mystery.

Anyhow, I get this bill from Sprint in my MCI bill for about $100 in long distance charges. They also were billing me at a rate of about $1.00 per minute which is clearly a rip off these days. Now MCI/Worldcom wants me to give them $140 more after at least agreeing we are even. I believe that these are not innocent billing errors and that they are in fact deliberate and calculated to intentionally overbill customers. I think that considering everything that has gone on that there's now way in hell that they can be doing this by mistake. I therefor accuse them of billing intentionally billing me for the purpose of ripping me off.

Below are some additional conversations with MCI Worldcom. These occurred earlier and deal with getting my extra lines disconnected and getting my service restored the first time they cut me off.

Other Companies that Suck:

Correcting the Problem

Apparently my posting of my recorded conversations with WCOM has gotten noticed. I've already gotten a call from middle management who informed me that higher ups are listing to the recordings.

So, message to WCOM. In the spirit of being fair and reasonable, I will post and letters you send me as to what WCOM is doing to ensure that this never happens again to business customers. In particular,

  1. I will post if and when you get my billing straightened out.
  2. How the transition back to Bell goes at the end of the month.
  3. If you are willing to compensate me for my time, effort, my down time, and pay me a consulting fee for solving this problem.
  4. If you get rid of your policy of taking 30+ days to disconnect service to rip off the end user for a couple extra months worth of fees.

Everyone makes mistakes and WCOM can recover from this if they take advantage of the opportunity to improve themselves. As I said, if WCOM makes this right I will post it on my web site what they did to make it right.


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