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Sprint is trying to screw me. Check your Sprint Bill

Are you using Sprint long distance telephone carrier? Are you thinking about using Sprint long distance? If you are, I want to share my experiances with you. I'm the owner of a small software business, Computer Tyme. I used to have Sprint long distance because of their "Free Friday's" program. This used to be a good deal because I did a lot of faxing on fridays. But in 1998 I was doing less faxing and started noticing new charges on my bill. I contacted Sprint and they never could get their billing right. It was always in error and in Sprint's favor. I then decided to drop Sprint.

Sprint billed me $241.10 for $7.05 worth of usage.

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After telling Sprint I was dropping them, Sprint started loading me up with even more non-usage charges. I have many phone lines here and I switched them all over to my new provider, Eclipse. However, do to an error somewhere, either by Eclipse or Worldcom, a few of my lines didn't get switched from Sprint for part of the month. This resulted in $7.05 usage on Sprint during the December 1998 billing period. Now Sprint wants to bill me $241.10 for $7.05 worth of usage. These people are sneaky suckers and you should check your Sprint bill and see if Sprint might be cheating you.

Sprint claims these are minimum usage charges for using less that $200 per month. Up until I cancelled Sprint's service, I was never billed these charges before. But when I decided to drop Sprint, Sprint changed the rules and loaded my bill up with charges. I have contacted Sprint several times about this and Sprint refuses to deal fairly with me. Sprint have damaged my credit and Sprint has their rude collection agencies calling me up and threatening me. I hope to get one on tape and post the conversation here.

Life is too short to put up with this bullshit. There are long distance companies calling me every day wanting my business. Sprint doesn't seem to get the idea that they should treat their customers right. Especially customers like me who have a web server. I tried to be nice but Sprint wouldn't have it, so now Sprint can suffer the consequences.

When the executives at Sprint read this web page, I'll bet you'll be able to hear a pin drop.

The picture of the Sprint bill is my actual bill. As you can see in the yellow, Sprint added a lot of charges. I encourage you to look at my bill and ask yourself if you want to do business with these people. The decision is yours. I'm just sharing my experiance.

Sprint Turns me over to Harvard Collections

A collection company, Harvard Collections, started calling me every day harrassing me about this Sprint bill that I don't owe. However, they made the mistake of screwing with a nerd and after a while I started having my computers call their 800 number with a reverse carrier which caused them to make a squealing sound every time they picked up the phone. Then I started recording my calls with them and I turned these recordings into a real audio stream.

Click on the links below and listen to what it's like to deal with Sprint's agents on the phone. The recordings are most entertaining. (Requires Real Audio Player)

If you're thinking about using Sprint long distance, I hope you have better luck with them than I did. If they treat you like they treated me, here's what you can expect to face when they overcharge you on your Sprint bill. Click on the links and listen to me talk to Harvard Collections about this Sprint bill and ask yourself, "Is this the long distance company that I want to do business with?" Imagine yourself having these conversations.

These recorded phone converstations were with:

Harvard Collection Services Inc.
4839 N. Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60630-2534

These calls are listed in the order that they were received. I have several computer with modems and when they would call me I would put several computers online calling their 800 number with modems put in reverse mode so that they would start squealing as soon as they picked up the line. So every time they called me, I would call the 50 to 100 times on their nickel with my squealing modems. These guys took forever to figure out that you don't mess with a nerd!

Five Recorded Conversations in Real Audio

These are just five out of about thirty calls I got. But they represent the flavor of how Sprint's goons treat their customers. If I were a Sprint stockholder, I'd be very pissed off. Because they tried to bill me $240 for $7 worth of usage, I'm going to cost them an untold amount of money in lost business from people reading this page. You would think the people running Sprint would be smart enough to take care of this. It's going to cost Sprint big time to get me to take this page down.

NEW NEWS: Sprint called me today (08-12-99) to tell me that they zeroed out my account and I don't owe them money anymore. But that just a partial victory. As you can see from these phone calls, they really harrassed me and they went out of their way to damage my credit rating. Just because they decided not to cheat me out of any more money doesn't make things even. Are they going to contact all the credit reporting agencies and restore my good credit? Are they going to compensate me for all the time I spent dealing with them and their nasty collection agency on the phone? Are they going to compensate me for the time I spent producing this web page?

Most people are helpless to this kind of abuse and give in, but I'm going to teach them a lesson. If Sprint want's this page to come down they are going to have to settle with me over this including a reasonable amount for punishment. I think Sprint needs to realize that with competition in the communications industry as feirce as it is that they are doing a disservice to their stockholders to treat customers in this manner. I'll take this page down only when Sprint compensates me for my trouble.

Sprint Responds! I assume this isn't an official response but apparently someone at Sprint took offense to this web page and sent me This note. I'm going to assume that this doesn't represent Sprint, but they should figure out who in their company sent it.

In the process of trying to screw me over on my phone bill my secretary and I spent about 5 hours on the phone trying to reason with Sprint. Mostly on hold and getting shuffled off from one idiot to the next. After dropping them Sprint hired Harvard Collections who made the above real audio phone calls and a whole lot more. They treatened me and my secretary and called us several times a day. They went out of their way to damage my credit rating.

In order to settle this I want you to tell me how much Sprint should pay me to compensate me for my time and efforts. I think that you should take into account some form of punishment to set an example that companies like Sprint should be nice to their customers and to change their business practices. Additionally, what is it worth to Sprint to get me to take this page down and replace it with a page saying that Sprint ultimately changed and did the right thing. Take into account how much Sprint is losing by having their unethical business practices exposed. Would Sprint make more money if they treat me right and change their ways?

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